The Best Track Pants and Joggers for Women for Everyday Wear

The current trends suggest loungewear to be one of the fastest growing fashion trends and categories since people are looking at everyday clothing that is stylish yet comfortable. So, whether it is track pants, zipper jackets, hoodies or joggers for both women and men, they have become a must have and staple choice for the consumers. If we take a step back and learn of the origin, joggers and track pants were particularly designed for athletic activities, offering them the comfort and easy movement during their workout and training sessions. But the functionality and use case has moved much beyond just the world of sports. Today, athleisure wear has become a lifestyle choice for all sections of the society. Have a look at some options for you:

Your Joggers with Endless Styling Possibilities


You are no different if you are looking for joggers and track pants for women to make them a casual wear choice for different occasions. Mabishโ€™s cotton terry joggers are a great choice for a laid back look. You add style to this with a basic t-shirt or even a tank top and sneakers. If you want to amp up your style quotient, add a pair of chunky sneakers and denim jacket for that style and warmth and you are all set to go.

Your Go To Alternative for Formal Wear


While most of us will not think of loungewear as something that can be worn in the office, Mabishโ€™s boat neck co ord set is a comfortable and stylish alternative to the traditional work attire. Beyond this, it is also immensely practical for the modern workplace. If you are in the office or in fact even working from home, this coord set is a must in your wardrobe. You can also find multiple colors in this at the official Mabish website. They are professional and not too bright making your athleisure wear appropriate for that office meeting while offering comfort.

Go Workout in Style

zipper jacket for women

If you are looking for a zipper jacket for women, you have multiple options at Mabish. These are a perfect choice when you are looking for running or hitting the gym or sweating it out in the park, these zipper jackets are your perfect companion. Designed with airy and easy materials, these are ideal as a layering option for outdoor workouts or indoor training sessions. Additionally, these jackets allow for easy functionality to remove and rewear and the sporty designs can add a touch of simplicity to the loungewear pieces.

So, if you are looking to buy any of these track pants, zipper jackets, hoodies or joggers, here are some key things to think of to find that perfect blend of comfort, style and durability:

  • Fit: The main offering of such clothes is comfort so make sure to avoid tight styles and in fact look for some fit that allows for easy movement.
  • Fabric: Make sure to choose soft, airy and breathable fabrics for maximum comforts, especially when you plan to wear these for longer periods of time.
  • Care: Before buying, see the care instructions for the garments to buy low-maintenance, easy to maintain and care for options.
  • Style: This totally depends on your personal preference, whether you prefer classic wear or more cozy, funky styles.
  • Functionality: Consider your specific needs such as joggers for chilling at home or something that you can go out in for workouts which would need more breathable fabrics.
  • Versatility: And lastly, you may want to look for loungewear options that are versatile and can be easily styled for casual outings be it sitting at home or running errands.

It is safe to say that loungewear for women is no more about just another fashion category, it is about elevanting and improving your overall comfort and relaxation quotient. So, whether you are looking for an easy day home or a casual hangout with friends, Mabish offers multiple athleisure and loungewear options that can match your sense of style, comfort and functionality and revolutionise the way you dress.

So, what are you waiting for? Join this new trend and elevate your everyday style with Mabish! Browse through our loungewear collection and send in your orders for favourite pieces now!