Revamp Your Loungewear Collection with Mabish

Revamp Your Loungewear Collection with Mabish

In the past few years, loungewear has become a dominant trend that everyone seems to pick up. The uptake is high as it blends comfort, functionality and style all in one. Post the pandemic, comfort has become central to most of our lives. For those days when you want to take your loungewear look to the next level, options such as joggers and hoodies for women are a great choice. But some might think: What is the difference between loungewear and athleisure wear? Simply put: Loungewear fades the difference between what you would wear to the gym or what you would wear to lunch by transforming everything into performance wear.

Joggers for Everyday Wear

Joggers for everyday wear

Let’s first start with joggers for women - the most essential element for your wardrobe. Mabish’s joggers are crafted with quality and high-performance fabrics offering style, stretch, comfort and breathability. Whether you are into abstract casual looks, bold prints and patterns or monochrome looks, Mabish has you covered with a range of options. Mabish’s affordable joggers are available in multiple colors to keep you cool and comfortable with adjustable waistbands, tapered silhouettes and pockets for storing the essentials. Plus with the range of cuts and styles to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect sports bra to suit your unique sense of style.

Stay Cosy With Women Hoodies

From the basic pullover styles to the zipper jackets, hoodies offer versatility and coziness all year around. You can step into comfort without compromising on style with the latest collection of women's hoodies, redefining loungewear trends for the modern woman. In fact, for a cozy winter morning, you can effortlessly match this with joggers or even skirts for a cool versatile outfit that you can rock at any occasion or even wear it at the comfort of your home. These hoodies from Mabish can also make for a good hiking outfit or a choice for night suits for women when you are travelling with your friends, reflecting your unique style.

Redefining Loungewear With Coord Sets for Women

coord sets for women

And lastly, if you want to redefine the casualness of loungewear, coord sets for women effortlessly blend comfort with style for your at-home or next coffee attire. Be it the front open coord set or back open coord set, these pieces can elevate your casual looks with minimal effort to a more modern, tasteful outfit. They are made with soft and comfortable fabrics and breathable blends, making it a perfect option for many occasions. To sum it up, coord sets are a definite and must-have addition to any loungewear collection that can increase your fashion quotient. 

How Can You Keep Pace With the Loungewear Trends?

So one question that may cross before a shopping spree are the key trends that one would like to follow. While style and comfort are two important factors, these are not the only things that matter. So, if you are looking to get your hands on the latest loungewear, here are some more factors to consider to keep pace with the trends as well as find the perfect style for you.

  • Colours: There is nothing like too bright. In fact, bright and bold colours are the trend right now while monotones are classic and evergreen. Based on your personal style, you can choose from the burst of colours exhibiting your unique style. So, don’t hold back and choose the trendy colour based on your choice.
  • Patterns and prints: When it comes to prints, geometric or abstract prints are trendy but the final choice truly depends on your choice and sense of style. So, if you are looking to elevate from a few colors to some stylish prints, you can find multiple options. Adding prints can also elevate your look making it appropriate for running errands or coffee out with friends. Racerback designs and mesh inserts are great options for those stylish loungewear.
  • Moisture handling properties: The comfort in comfort wear comes from choosing the right fabric that can handle moisture. Make sure to choose the right fabric that can make a huge difference, depending on the season, your lifestyle, how you spend your days, etc. This is to ensure that your clothes never get soaked in sweat, even if your room seems warm.
  • Lightness of the product: Whether it is jogger, hoodies or shrugs, the true testament of a good product is the lightness of it where it feels like your second skin. You should be able to move around freely and comfortably, allowing you the comfort you deserve.

Spruce Up Your Loungewear With Mabish Collection

When you are buying loungewear, all you need to do is to strike the right balance between style, trend and comfort. While there are multiple brands that offer a range of designs and styles, Mabish stands out. And that is because Mabish understands that loungewear is not just about looking good, but more importantly, it is about feeling good. They prioritise and are committed to three main things: superior materials, innovative designs, and quality craftsmanship making every piece difference yet similar. And the result are versatile and functional pieces that let you effortlessly transition from the home to the streets.

So, wait no more. Shop online the best and biggest trends on Mabish as per your convenience and preference from a myriad of options available on the site.